How to Create Secure Passwords

Posted on March 12, 2010


lockIn this digital age, security is a top priority. Daily, thousands fall prey to one of security’s most vunerable loophools – bad passwords. Yes, that is right, the thing that is suppose to help you keep your social networking, bank, and computer accounts safe actually is the number one cause for false entry.

And do you know what the most common password of all time is? You guessed it, password! So, today we will be looking at the top 3 sites for generating strong, secure passwords.

Here they are (in no particular order).


A simple name for a good site. is one of the better password generators on the web due mainly to the number of options one has in generating passwords.

Users are given the option to pick between regular alphabetical characters, numerals, capitol or lowercase letters, symbols, and the ability to exclude certain characters or phrases. Simply click “Generate Password” and let it go to work. will then create a password according to your specifications and at least 12 characters (but optionally up to 20).

The only problem with this kind of random password generation is people often forget their passwords. Do not fret, the next site comes to the rescue.

Angle.NET Password Generator


Although not technically named, the Angle.NET password generator solves all of your password forgetting problems (quite literally). Upon entering the site, users are given the option to enter a “master password” and the website you are trying to generate a password for. By clicking “Generate” the password generator goes to work encrypting your password with the website address and the following encrypted password will be the one returned every time.

Another cool thing about the Angel.NET password generator is the extremely useful bookmarklet available. Just drag and drop the two links at the bottom of the page and whenever you need to find out your password to get into a certain website, just click the first bookmarklet then the second and type your master password, and the password generator will pick out your particular password for the site you are on.

Phonetic Password Generator


Last, but certainly not least, the Phonetic Password Generator deserves a top spot in list without a doubt. To generate a password, simply select the number of characters you wish to have in your password, the phonetic pattern, and whether or not you would like numbers or symbols added and just click “Generate.” The Phonetic Password Generator will now create a password that is easily said, remembered, and in general easy to use, but without the generated word actually being a real word. Users can create passwords of up to 30 characters and still create usable password.

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