Twitter Client for Your Mobile Phone

Posted on March 16, 2010


Twitter that helps us keeping ourselves upto date has shown enormous growth in micro-blogging platform. If you do not want to miss a single tweet from a person you are following than you must install and use twitter client on your mobile phone. Below is the list of 52 Twitter clients for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android (G1), Palm Pre, Treo and other smartphones including other mobile phones.

  1. Twitterfone – Allows you to update your Twitter feed using your voice from any mobile or cell phone.  You can also listen to your Twitter stream, and while you’re listening, you can record a reply or send a direct message.
  2. Twitsay – Record Voice Messages on Twitter and lets you send 10 seconds of voice messages to your Twitter account.
  3. Twitter for iPhone – Post your Tweets for free using Logpost, a free Twitter client for mobile phones.Supports, Android OS,Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone
  4. Itwtr – An open source Twitter client for iPhones. You can even download tweets to iPhone for viewing even when not connected to wifi, 3G or even Edge.
  5. Twittai – It is a Java mobile application designed for Twitter, which lets you tweet on your cell phone. Supports Java powered mobile phones.
  6. TreoTwit – Powerful Twitter client for the Treo and its Palm OS.
  7. Twibble – Twitter Client for the Nokia N95 with GPS support.
  8. CeTwit – It is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework.
  9. Twim – A a mobile Twitter client that runs on devices that are compatible with Java MIDP 2.0. Twim will work on most non-smartphones.
  10. JibJib – It is an open source J2ME Twitter client and works with almost all non-smartphones for basic functions. Minimum requirements are only CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0
  11. GPSTwit – You can easily add location tracking to Twitter on Windows Mobile devices and iPhone.
  12. PockeTwit – A twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform that works with Twitter and accounts. PocketTwit works on VGA, QVGA and SmartPhone devices.
  13. Quakk – Open source Windows Mobile Twitter client that also enable users to update their Location using GPS. It also enable users to set a time interval for Quakk to Update the main timeline.
  14. Twapper – You can send updates from your 30boxes calendar to your phone via Twitter.
  15. Twittelator – Twittelator Pro is the most powerful twitter client for your iPhone/Touch that you can download from the App Store.
  16. Twitter2Go – It provides a quick & simple way to update your Twitter status when away from your computer or to check the (public) status of other Twitter users. It has limited features.
  17. TwitToday – Small application for Windows OS based Mobile devices with standard Twitter features.
  18. Moblf – The app runs on many platforms and connects to Twitter, linkedIn and Friendfeed.
  19. Twitterberry – It is a mobile client for your blackberry. It works over the data network, so you don’t need to use SMS service. Supports BlackBerry OS 4.1.0+ . Visit on your BlackBerry  to download TwitterBerry on your BlackBerry.
  20. Vlingo – With Vlingo, you can simply speak to your phone to send a text or email message, call a friend, search the mobile web, update your social status on twitter and facebook.
  21. Qik – A tool that let you share videos via your phone. Just Login to and go to your profile page. Then in the section marked Twitter, enter your Twitter credentials. Start sending tweets.
  22. Jargong – It is Social Networking (Flickr and Twitter), Instant Messaging (MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and Jabber) and Feeds (Google Reader) in a single client application.
  23. MoTwit – Update Twitter stream directly from your Palm OS smartphone or Palm OS enabled PDA
  24. Moby Picture – Post pictures directly to your Twitter account or blog via iPhone.
  25. Twixr – Share pictures on Twitter via your mobile phone. Supports all mobiles.
  26. Locify – Send twitter updates from your mobile phone along with GPS location
  27. Fring – Post updates to Twitter using your mobile phone. You can view other Twitter profiles, check-out your own followers and see who’s following you.
  28. Abiro Jitter – Abiro Jitter (Java Twitter) is an easy-to-use and fully-featured Twitter client for mobile phones.
  29. Jtwitter – jTwitter is a Java application that you install on your phone. It allows you to enter twitter updates using your phone.
  30. Twitfire – Upload photos to twitter and more.
  31. Twidroid – It is a powerful twitter client for android mobile phones that integrates directly with android’s browser & gallery for sharing. You can use all the features of native twitter which allows users to access Twitter and post tweets.
  32. Twitli – Twitter Client for Android phones. Twitli also translate tweets on the fly using Google translation, which currently supports translation of 34 different languages.
  33. Twobile – Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
  34. Tiny Twitter – It is yet another powerful twitter client for any Java enabled BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Pocket PC or any Smartphone.
  35. Hahlo– Nice looking Twitter client with simple navigational menu system.
  36. UberTwitter An application for posting updates to Twitter on BlackBerry devices and locating other UberTwitter users. The UberTwitter client supports BlackBerry devices running 4.2.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7.
  37. Blackbird – Twitter client for the BlackBerry. Here’s the over-the-air installation file.
  38. Twitterfon – An application with simple navigation buttons allowing users to access Twitter and post tweets via iPhone.
  39. Twitterrific – An application allowing users to access Twitter and post tweets. Supports iPhone OS (iPhone and iPod Touch) and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
  40. Jott – Record voice messages from your mobile device and post links to it on Twitter.
  41. AirMe – Send photos from your iPhone to Twitter with this free app which includes a Twitter client.
  42. Twitterfall – It is a way of viewing the latest ‘tweets’ of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime. You can also view your timeline, friends timeline, public timeline and post updates on your twitter account. Compatible with iPhone OS.
  43. twitterena – the best twitter client for iPhone / iPod touch that allows users to access Twitter and post tweets. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 2.0+.
  44. Twibble – A powerful twitter client for Java enabled devices (Nokia, Blackberry, and others). It supports all important twitter functions, uploading of photos and GPS.
  45. TweetGlobe An application for the iPhone and iPod Touch featuring a moving globe showing the user where their followers are.
  46. TweetDeck – Powerful twitter client for your iPhone. It allows users to filter and group their own and others’ tweets. It also allows you to create groups, search Twitter, manage multiple accounts and easily post your tweets or share photos, link etc. You can also sync your existing TweetDeck columns between your desktop and iPhone.
  47. Tweetie – An application allowing users to access and update multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. A must-have twitter client on iPhone  for Twitterholics.
  48. Tweetings – An application allowing users to access Twitter and post tweets. Uses Apple Push Notification Service to monitor updates.
  49. Tweed – A twitter client for your Palm Pre that allow users to access Twitter and post tweets.
  50. SimplyTweet 2.0 – PowerfulTwitter client for your iPhone with support for Apple’s push notification service.
  51. Gravity – A mobile application for S60 V3 or V5 users which allow access to multiple Twitter accounts concurrently. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica,, posting of pictures via MobyPicture and TwitPic.
  52. Hesine – It is basically a mobile application for Windows OS based mobile or S60 V2/V3 users which allow to send tweets or receive following’s tweets in almost real time from mobile without any SMS or MMS charges. Supports Twitter and facebook.

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